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Smile How to set up running multiple versions of one program on one computer?

I was simply wondering if you wanted to use a program multiple times on
one computer at the same time? can you use Sandboxie to make that possible,
and how would you do that? Is there a limit to how many times you can set up
one program running multiple times on one computer at the same time?

Ex. A keyword program is running on one computer 3 times at the same time.

Thanks to any suggestions and help in regards to this
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Regarding Sandboxie, with the free version, you can create as many sandboxes as you like. But to use more than one at the same time, you need the paid version.

Also, some programs dont allow you to run more than one instance at a time. Sandboxie usually doesn't help in those cases.

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Each copy of the program that runs is usually called an instance, as bo.elam does above. It is a term adopted from object oriented programming (OOP) so any search involving it will bring up a lot of OOP references as well.

If a program cannot have multiple instances in the one user (login) session then you may be able to be run the program in multiple sessions, i.e. by having more than one user login. Switching between the sessions is usually more cumbersome than switching between windows in the same session. Even so, many users find this useful to have an instance running in the background that they seldom have to switch to. They keep the instance they want to see and interact with in their main login session.
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