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Wikipedia is a good resource, but to understand things better, it's good to read some good technical articles on other sites. Have to search for those.

Using random IP address, which is not a valid address on the internet will definitely work, because then that address cannot be resolved and therefore, the site won't be opened. That's why it works. However, you have to be sure that the address you are putting is indeed random, and is not a valid IP address. Therefore, you ping it in order to confirm this. But, that's really not the right way. Sure, it works, but it's not proper. The proper way is to use the loopback address, because it's standard, and it will block the site for sure.

I am certainly no expert however, and I don't know if this method is not advisable nowadays. You will have to post on a networking forum I suppose to know more about this subject . Whatever I know, I wrote here.
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Thank you for your help. Strange nobody else is joining us here!

Kind regards,
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Personally, I don't bother editing the HOSTS file except on Android for adblocking. There are better alternatives like custom DNS, browser extensions, proxies, etc.
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