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Default System Start up Error

I am trying to work on a laptop and when I try to turn it on it keeps coming up asking if I want it to run a Startup Repair. When I do the start up repair it says that it can't automatically fix the problems. How can I fix this manually without having to completely wipe the hard drive? I want to get all the music and pictures off of it before I wipe hard drive.
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A couple of important questions:
  1. What system do you have - OS, Manufacturer, CPU, etc.?
  2. Do you have any other computers at your disposal?
  3. What text appears on the screen before the prompt to automatically fix the system comes up?
  4. Do you have any other computers at your disposal?
  5. Have you made your backups?
Another something that might help is if you shoot a video of exactly what happens.
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If you want to recover data ( pictures and music or any other) you can try a rescue disk or a thumb drive, create one if you don't have any and boot from it. Here is a link you should check.
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