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Default Tab Listing Sites

Greetings people, I'm new, but I do agree with the comments/statements by people patronizing this site Would u b so kind as to help me locate TAB listings sites w/boxes to flag/mark & when satisfied to "SUBMIT" the info so that the marked/flagged, selected tabs would be placed on the toolbar for my use?
I ran across two(2) of those sites listing the above info, however, I didn't, at that time, bookmark the info., shows u I'm getting old & forgetful, sigh, now I can't find the necessary info. Ur kind assistance is gratefully appreciated. TY

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It's not really clear what exactly are you asking for.

Please give more details.

What do you mean by "tab listing sites"? Which toolbar do you mean... the toolbar for the browser?

It first seemed like you were asking how to bookmark sites, but the latter part of the post shows that you already know about bookmarking. So, what exactly is your requirement? Please explain more so that it's clear what you are asking for.
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TY 4 ur kindness, I've located what I was looking for. Par example, should I mark the Bookmark site
with the listed info of the site by putting a check mark in it or should I use my own? The answer is putting my own check mark would defeat the purpose of the info given in the pictured bookmark.

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