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Default File Transfer help!

I realize this may be a rather simple question but I haven't had to do this before so please bear with me.
I wrote my resume on my old PC using a new site called "" which is an alternative to Microsoft Word. I wrote my resume on it, but now cannot transfer it from my PC to another which has a different operating system. Mine has Windows XP, theirs is Windows 7. I wrote an earlier version of my resume using this same Word (2002) and it transferred fine via email to my AOL mailbox to that same other computer.
The other one did say that the problem was because I sent it via email(AOL) and it may be "damaged". What exactly does that mean? "Damaged".
Because of this, I cannot upload my resume from that other PC to an online job application and it does not have a Word program to write the resume directly onto it. When I try to upload it on my old, slow PC, it says that it cannot accept that particular type of document. If necessary, how can I make it "acceptable"?
I thank you all in advance for any possible help you can provide.
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1. What format did you save the resume in?

2. Can you still open this resume with AbiWord?
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Try the following:

(Mx16 + Cx1 + Lx2) + (Tx5 + Nx2 + Bx33)
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