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Default wusetupv.exe

Comodo Firewall alerted me a couple of days ago that this file was attempting to change a protected area. I clicked on terminate and delete but then googled the filename and discovered the flamer virus was set up to use this filename to hijack the windows update process.

I then ran a full a/v scan (using MSE) and then opened Windows Update to ensure I had my PC fully patched; Windows Update immediately appeared to install an update though I have WU set to download but not install!

After rebooting I got a message before login saying "applying update operation 354 of 354" which indicates something has installed. I ran WU again but nothing happened; I thought if the PC was up to date the WU interface would indicate this?

I have just ran WU again and now I get an error: "Windows could not search for new updates" code 8007000E. WU also says the most recent check for updates was 29/7/14!

I have also ran MS' msert.exe (yesterday) which found nothing.

So, do I have the flamer virus or did Comodo give a false positive for WU's self-update?
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