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Default Need Windows 7 ReInstallation DVD Disc (Not System Recovery Discs!)

I have a Hewlett Packard desktop computer that has Windows 7 64bit. It's been fine, but in the last year has been have major issues and very slow. I need to do a clean reinstall of the OS, but I do not have a disc. I contacted HP and they only gave me a system recovery set of discs, which I already have that ability on the computer itself, but can't seem to find anywhere on the HP site or the forums where to get my hands on an official and legal copy of the Windows OS! I don't want the other drivers and software with it, I have access to those from the site, I just need the OS!

I found a few official sites online like Digital River, but most of the computers people say they are having worse problems because the OS was too big of a file or it didn't download right, the computer erases everything, but can not identify the OS or the OS as a legal or real copy. Some people said it causes the blue screen, which I'm already having that problem! I don't want to make things worse. I must get this computer working again as I seriously need it for my business! I want to get a legal copy of the Windows 7 reinstallation DVD disc! Please, can someone tell me how to get this! Either through contacting HP or Microsoft itself! I paid for my copy already, I have my license key, I just need the OS disc!
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You didn't pay for license to get a version of Windows 7 on a DVD. You paid for an OEM installed version of Windows 7 on a computer that has a recovery partition. That is why HP provides you with system recovery discs. If you want a retail version then you either buy it or find someone who will lend it to you so you can install it.

You could reinstall but I you should first look at fixing the problem as it is likely to be less work. Microsoft gives some help on this in their article Optimize Windows for better performance. The option that makes the most difference with slow systems is to "Limit how many programs run at startup". Our article Best Free Startup Manager lists some programs that will help you.

The second option might be to use system recovery and then uninstall all the applications that you don't want - that will also remove many of the drivers that you don't want. It's not very difficult to do. Then when you have reinstalled all your applications you should also optimize Windows.
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Personally I would

1. Install malwarebytes antimalware and superantispyware and do scans

2. Do a factory restore than get rid of any crap-ware that I did not want than make sure I had a good firewall, antivirus, and anti-malware. Than get windows up-to-date

3. Again I would not do a clean reinstall if I still had the recovery partition but if you insist than its best to do it right

4. Also once you get everything working correctly and are sure your machine is up to date and clean of malware and spyware make a drive image

You can install from a retail disc or burned iso from a official source and the digital river ones are official and use the oem license on the label on the computer, Just remember OEM licenses are tied to your machine.

You may have to use the activation hotline according to some sources, but a program I have used with success is advanced tokens manager Just back up your activation from the old install than restore it on your new install this program can usually save you a lot of hassle. It is important that you install the right version of windows if you want it to work

Backup everything before you do a reinstall or a clean install. Also remember you could miss up your recovery partition you could do a whole hard-disk backup if you have enough space on another drive

Please Note that these links are official and I have used them to install windows 7 and had no problems and you need to get the right version In your case get one of the 64 bit images of home premium, pro or ultimate and if you don't enter a key or restore activation than you are on a 30 day trial I would suggest downloading using a download manager like downthemall for firefox or one of these Also downloading with a manager cuts down on the chance of data corruption and also you can pause and resume or resume if your connection gets interrupted.

To know which version of windows 7 you are running Click the Start button Start button, right-click Computer, and then click Properties. A window should pop up

Than use something like hashtab to get the hash of the file than do a online search of the hash

Burn it on good quality dvd media preferably at a slower speed with imgburn or one from here

32 bit versions
[edited out]

64bit versions
[edited out]

Again these links are 100 percent legit and official also anybody is free to download them and even run a thirty day trial of windows 7 if they want to.

I have also read in numerous places that MS and computer manufacturers don't want to tell that you can download and use the isos for oem installations but most honest computer techs will tell you the truth (you can).

Please excuse any grammer or spelling erros I am getting sleepy typing this

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One thing I left out is to verify the disc in the program you burn it in. This checks it against the image
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This article by Vic Laurie provides all the necessary information and links to obtain a lawful windows 7 installation disc.
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