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Default No internet access but i can connet just fine?

US5 Hello

So i have a lenovo z510. WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE 64 BIT conected with an internet cable directly.
I can connetct to internet, surf the web but on the network and sharing center it showes i have no internet.
It would not afect me,, but i cant play online gameslice LOL because i cant connect and im sure this is the problem.
I tried pinging and yahoo but it wont work. tried shuting down fierewall.. steel nothing.
I dont know is is related but when i sturt up my pc a black screen appeares and it tells
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The Network and Sharing Center may be looking at another network adapter.
Turn off your wireless connection using the button/slider on your laptop. This will force the connection to the cable.

The first step is usually to Open Network Diagnostics by right-clicking the network icon in the notification area, and then clicking Diagnose and Repair. There's further info in Microsoft's instructions for troubleshooting network connection problems and troubleshooting Internet connection problems.

You can look in Control Panel | Hardware | Device Manager | Network Adapters and right-click on each adapter selecting Properties and checking that "This device is working properly". You can find Device Manager by right-clicking on My Computer then selecting Properties.

If these initial steps don't help then there are further steps that can be taken.

The problem with not being able to run gameslice[.net?] games may be unrelated given that you were able to browse the Web. It could be a browser or proxy issue.

The blank screen at start-up is usually normal. It will be your computer start-up before Windows starts.
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