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Unhappy Windows XP SP3 Question

Yes, I know, why am I still using it right?
Well, MONEY is the stopper there.
Anyway, on to the question:

When I boot into XP, right after it tells me it is loading my settings it shows the desktop. All well fine and good...BUT....
I then have anywhere from a 1 to 5 MINUTE wait for the taskbar and everything else to show. On those "really special days", the taskbar and stuff NEVER shows.
Strangely all I have to do then is power off and power on and it will usually go to the long wait before showing up.
This has been happening now for a while (maybe 2 to 4 weeks at most) and I have been searching online for any answers and so far none of the items I have found match my problem.
I could do a "Win XP Repair Install", but don't feel like risking it messing up my dual boot setup. I also use Mageia 4 Linux. And NO ,that ain't what caused this issue, it was happening before I started with Linux.

So, does anyone have ideas? I am stumped because I do not have any idea as to what I could have done to cause this, and believe me I have been racking my brain to try and remember anything I may have done.
WinXP-SP3/Mageia4KDE-32bit - 2.2 GHz P4 1Gb RAM - 128Mb GeForce FX 5200
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Well, first you should try to remember which new programs did you install in those days, since the problem started.

You should check your startup list, and see if something in there might be making the boot process long.

If you have CCleaner, it has got a good startup manager in its Tools section.

Run scans with your antivirus and MBAM too.
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