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Default PCI Simple Communications Controller driver?

No hair left - all pulled out! EVERYTHING appears to be working exactly as advertised yet I have this yellow exclamation mark. Dell Dimension 1100\B110. Just performed custom install of Windows 7 32-bit which was originally XP. Dell website does not support Windows 7 on this PC. Microsoft Windows Update utility reported that 32-bit Windows 7 was acceptable to be installed but not 64-bit. The Dell motherboard is 0WF887 according to Belarc.

Wireless is OK. Wired is OK. Audio is OK. Video is OK -- I am NOT using the motherboard VGA video output - I am using the VGA output on a card that was added before I acquired the PC. Maybe the card came from Dell with this video card already installed but the Dell support website does not show that is true for my Service Tag number. The installed card also has an unused DVI output.

The PCI SCC is on Bus 0, Device 3. PCIscope.exe says that is a 8086h VENdor and 29A4h DEVice Intel controller. If true, the device could be a AMD/ATI Radeon x1300/x1550 Display Controller but I am unable to find any driver for Windows 7. As I said, the video appears to be perfect on my Dell 1905FP monitor.

Any help and\or recommendation will be greatly appreciated!!
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Welcome to the forum .

You said you performed a custom installation of Windows 7 on a system which was originally XP. What do you mean by custom installation?

Also, did you format the hard drive, and installed Windows 7 fresh, or did you perform an upgrade?

The device with the question mark could be the chipset, but have to make sure of that.

Just need to ask you, after installing Windows 7, did you run Windows Update?

I have installed Windows 7 over a few laptops and desktop systems, which were old and the motherboard site, or the vendor site, did not have any Windows 7 drivers. Like you, I too checked those systems first with Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, and proceeded to install only after the advisor passed it.

Most of the drivers are already installed by Windows 7 during installation. Any drivers that did not get installed, I ran Windows Updates, and in most cases, there is a driver available from Windows Updates. So, did you do that?

As for the PCI code, I think you have got the codes and the names wrong. First, there won't be any "h" at the end of the code. The code will be only 4 letters. Also, according to PCI database here:

8086 is for Intel, and 29A4 is for MRMgRH chip, which is from Intel. So, the device cannot be AMD/ATI Radeon x1300/x1550 Display Controller, as you say. I couldn't find any description for MRMgRH chip, so we will have to confirm the PCI codes.

To do this, go to Device Manager, and right click on the device with the question mark, and choose Properties. Go to "Details" tab, and under Property, choose "Hardware IDs". You should something like PCI\VEN_8086&SUBSYS_29A4.

The codes against VEN and SUBSYS are what we need. Please note them and post them here.

Also, as said before, run Windows Update, and see if there is a driver available for the device. Most probably, the driver required is for the chipset, let's see.
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Thanks for the reply! By custom I mean installing Windows 7 according to website where they state: "You can't directly upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. You'll need to perform a custom installation. A custom installation doesn't keep any of your files, programs, or settings". I do not believe there was any reformatting.

I am a total newbie to PCI codes and to PCIscope.exe. I just have a trial installation and was trying to interpret from that program as best I could.

If I go to Device Manager, and right click on the device with the question mark, and choose Properties, then go to "Details" tab, under Property, choose "Hardware IDs" there are four listings there.


I have been doing Windows Updates intermittently as I was also working on the driver problem. I have installed more than 100 updates so far and right now there are are at least 30+ "important" to go. I am doing a few at a time rather than all of them all at once. I will attempt to see if I can find a chipset update.

Thanks again!
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I think Anupam is right because I do a lot of reinstalls on my own Win 7 system and that PCI control driver was always a pita to find .

I finally figured out what and where it was located and it was in a Intel engine management download as a chipset driver.
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