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Mike D 10. Mar 2014 02:14 AM

Email Program to replace OE
Hi all,

First post here :)

I'll try to keep this brief. I run XP on a lougeroom PC and under it, Outlook Express.

I have another PC (with XP and OE) in my study which is not connected to the internet and I use itr as my main storage for all files, documents, pics, emails etc etc.

Currently, I use a small commerical program to effect a transfer of newly received OE emails between the connected PC and the study PC.

With the imminent demise of XP, I will be migrating BOTH PCs to Windows 7.

The issue I have will be with the new email program. I hate Vista's Windows Mail and 7's Windows Live Mail, so they're out of the question.

I was thinking about Mozilla Thunderbird, but it has a black mark against it for a number of reasons, not least of which is its apparent inability to export message to another email program should the need arise ... though I do believe you can use MailStore Home (Freeware) to export mails between any number of email clients. Thunderbird, Outlook, Sea Monkey, WLM etc etc included.

So that brings me to Outlook ..... and that would be fine, but there's no way I'm aware of that would allow me to copy a specific email folder (for example, "emails to & from Sue") from the connected PC to the study PC ... it's just one single huge PST comprising ALL my email folders. That would take an eternity every time I wanted to effectively "sync" the messages between the two PCs.

Is there anything out there that allows (1) import / export between email programs (2) has the look and feel of OE and (3) permits me to copy across folders ?



Burn-IT 10. Mar 2014 07:16 PM

Outlook handles emails by folder. It is only that they are all kept within a single file.
A big zip file can consist of many zipped folders, and any decent file manager will let you access and manipulate the folders within it.
Outlook does the same. The export and merge functions allow quite powerful selection criteria.

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