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cmling 19. Feb 2014 02:08 AM

"Good Torrents" in Tixati v1.96

I have started using Tixati and (of course!) read the optimization guide here. "Good Torrents" redirects to, where I am informed that I should adjust my "Ignore Rules" and "First Priority Rules". I have not been able to find such rules in Tixati. Am I overlooking something obvious, or do they not exist?

Thanks for any help!


mr6n8 19. Feb 2014 04:53 AM

That link is just to show that there will be better speeds on torrents with more seeds and peers.

Since I have the link to the article at TorrentFreak in there already, I should remove the Good Torrents link (or find one that is not associated with a particular client) to avoid such confusion.

The options referred to are only available in Vuze. The options do not make your torrents any faster, they are just ways to sort the bandwidth to active torrents.

The applicable queue options for Tixati are already discussed in the guide and are all you need to adjust.

Thanks for bringing this up as it will help me clear up the guide.

It is nice to know someone is actually reading all the information.


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