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keithbweber 17. Feb 2014 06:10 AM

Problems with Vista
I have "windows vista home premium" for an operating system. My computer is a 64Bit HP Pavilian Entertainment PC bought in 2009. Recently, my computer will only operate in safe mode, most of the time. It will continually lock up. I did get it to work tonight by closing the Adobe program ASAP while it is asking me to do an update. I do not know if this is related. I think that I have heard that my operating system is no longer supported by windows with updates. I do not know if this is causing my computer to lock up. Or, if this is true.
Has anybody had experiences with these type of issues using this operating system?

Anupam 17. Feb 2014 11:03 AM

Welcome to the forum.

Support for Windows XP is ending, and not for Windows Vista. The support for Windows Vista does not end till 2017.

Adobe update is not causing the problems.

The issue seems to be something else.

What problems or errors do you get when you boot Windows in the normal mode?

Safe Mode is not for normal operation, as many services and processes do not work in Safe Mode. Therefore, if you are working in safe mode for normal usage, it's not recommended. Instead, you should try to find a solution as to why Windows is not working in normal mode. Please post the issues that you are getting when Windows boots in normal mode.

keithbweber 20. Feb 2014 07:51 PM

I do not get an error message. It just will not boot up. The system gets stuck in a loop, locks up. It is extremely slow. I have run scans thru Webroot Secureanywhere v8.0.457, and it does not pick up any problems. I was doing a school assignment, and they had me load multiple browsers. I use explorer, and I also loaded Opera and Chrome. I have since uninstall Chrome, but I cannot seem to uninstall Opera.
I have been able to get the system to boot up, but sometimes it will just lock up during standard usage.
Today I booted it up twice, and it quit working (locked up) after my first web searches, both times. Thanks for the help,

Anupam 20. Feb 2014 08:22 PM

There can be many reasons for locking up of the system... ranging from hardware problem to a software issue.

If it's a hardware problem, it could be locking up due to overheating, etc.

In case of software issue, there might be a startup program that might be causing the lock up. So, you will have to take a look at the list of startup programs, and identify the one giving problem. There can be other such reasons. You can find a list here:

If you aren't able to solve it by yourself, it's better to take it to a computer shop for diagnose and repair, because it will require taking a detailed look at different things to see what's causing it.

Remah 20. Feb 2014 10:46 PM

Two common sources of problems are your computer memory (RAM) and hard disk drives. Problems with either hardware can damage Windows system files but they are easy to check as a first step in diagnosing your problem.

Microsoft has help on each:

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