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Default High CPU and RAM

It did the samething when I had Win7 in it now it has 8.1
Somedays it runs 800-1200 ram(16-20%) on idle, nothing open (browsers) but some days it acts like everything is open..running 100% CPU and 35-55% ram usage and the fan is running hard... Whats up with this ??
I've checked the task manager and nothing looks like a resource hog..????
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At 100% CPU there must be a resource hog and it should be visible in Task Manager. In the 'Processes' tab sort 'CPU' descending so the processes using CPU appear at the top. Let us know what processes are maxing out the CPU.

You can do the same for 'Memory' but this will not be as useful because RAM is allocated to processes even when they are idle. Processes can also be allocated RAM that they are not actually using. So CPU usage is a more useful indicator.

Did you upgrade from Windows 7 or do a clean install of Windows 8? If upgrading from 7 then you might have inherited the same problem.

The problem is unlikely to be a Windows 8 app but you can use the "App History" tab to see. The "CPU Time" column can also be sorted descending.

See what loads at startup using the 'Start-up' tab.
Check scheduled tasks if there are any.
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Try Sysinternal's Process Explorer
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I've seen Indexing do this for long periods of time. You might want to take a look. You can stop or define Indexing so it doesn't hog resources.
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