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Default Sony LCD VGA 15" Flat Display Uncentered on Startup

Hi all and thank you in advance for your help and time.

I have an old Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop, P4 2.66 GHz
Win XP SP3, 2.5 GB RAM
HDD C: 80 GB Seagate IDE, HDD F: 80 GB WDC SATA,
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 128 MB AGP 8X DIRECTX 9.0c
Sony LCD VGA 15" Flat Display SDM-HS53

A while back, I temporarily switched from the flat screen display listed above to
the systems's original monitor, Dell M992 19" CRT.
When I restarted the computer I noticed that my browser's homepage and other
things displayed appeared to flicker (albeit a small amount, but enough to be
very annoying). I tried some of the CRT monitor's built in settings but I did NOT
change any of the settings in Control Panel -> Display. I checked the NVIDIA
Control Panel to see if it recognized this CRT monitor correctly and it did. NO
adjustments were made by me there at all. The flickering got so annoying on
this CRT monitor that I had to re-attached the Sony LCD Flat Display.

Here is my problem using the Sony LCD display that I never had with this Sony display prior to temporarily reconnecting the old CRT monitor:
During the startup/boot-up, the BIOS/POST startup screen displays the Dell
logo in what appears to be somewhat larger text AND it is pushed over and off
the left edge of the screen. This "left-sided cutoff" continues on to the Windows
XP logo screen (the one with the blue segmented bar moving from left to right
underneath), but then, magically, when the Welcome/Logon password screen
comes on, everything is correctly positioned and so is everything else from that
point forward. I thought it could be due to something having gone awry within
the computer's display settings. So I tried adjusting various controls there, but
just messing with resolution only increased the the size of the items displayed.
1024 x 768 is set now, and was what I always used. I then proceed to try to fix
this issue via the NVIDIA Control Panel and nothing I did fixed the problem.
Lastly I did some adjusting with the Sony LCD display's settings and got
nowhere just as quickly.
Not a major problem but I am concerned that should I need to access the
Bios/Startup or Setup menus, or get a BSOD, I will not be able to see it
displayed properly enough to read them to make the necessary adjustments I
might need to.
This came to mind when the blue-screened Checkdisk program ran, and most of
the left side of the displayed text was missing because of it being scewed to the

I would appreciate any help I can get.
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