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Originally Posted by kendall.a View Post

But, we could both do a search for "effectiveness of registry cleaners" and we could both find articles or links that would support our positions. It would become an endless debate with each of us finding new links or articles to support our positions.
I'm with this too. I also think it is all too easy sometimes to look at issues from our own perspective and ability level, rather than from those who are most likely to fall victim to this type of software use.

As I've stated here before, the biggest and easiest source of revenue my own tech enjoyed was when RegSeeker was first released and included with a bunch of other software on a media magazine CD giveaway. What was (then) Advanced Windows Care had a similar effect but to a lesser extent. "Big" was because there was actually a queue outside the shop on the first Saturday and "easy" because the systems were all unrecoverable so reinstalling Windows was the profitable outcome.

IMO the biggest issue here though is that many users do not reach for these tools until their system is already showing severe signs of instability, mostly through unintentional mismanagement. The chances of registry key deletion software causing even greater damage under these circumstances is far higher.
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Guys, I would like to intervene, and request you all not to post anymore on the registry cleaning topic. This is getting off-topic now, and it's something we can do in a separate thread.

Please bear in mind about OP's original request. His original request is how to recover space on his hard drive, which is quite low now. His request is not about making his system faster, or improving its performance. So please, let us focus on the hard drive cleaning part, and not on ways to improve system performance.

You will all agree that cleaning the registry won't free up any significant amount of space. It will merely free up a few bytes, or a few kb, and nothing else. Therefore, it's not even worth discussing in this thread.

Also, please look at the competence level of the user when giving advices. From OP's post, it looks like he is an average computer user, and therefore, we shouldn't recommend a tool like registry cleaner, or any other software, which can cause problems. Although many will argue that registry cleaners are safe to use, and they have used it on many computers and all... still, the risk is always there. So, why cause unnecessary problems for anyone, specially for a user who will not be able to solve the issue on his own, in case a problem arises.

Therefore, please restrain yourself from posting anymore about registry cleaning. This can be done in a different thread, and we can discuss all we want there.

Let's wait for OP to respond to the posts, and let him assimilate the information provided.

I hope you all will understand, and co-operate. Thank you.
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Thanks for your prompt reply - I have quite a few pictures on my laptop but other than that don't think I have much else. I am unable to do anything until after Christmas but thought I had better thank you for now. Merry Christmas............
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