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Default monitor display reduction (not resolution)

Hello. First of all let me apologize if there is a thread on this already, i couldn't find it.
The problem I have is driving me nuts. Basically, since last year I work a lot on my Dell Vostro 1540 laptop. This is new, and before I would use my old PC.

How can I reduce the display size of the monitor?

Now, on the PC monitors that I've used in the past, there was always an option to reduce screen size. I'm not talking about resolution here, I'm talking about the monitor not using 100% of it's display, so that the image you get is just a small part of the overall screen surface. I would set this up using the vertical and horizontal adjustment options on the monitor, which you can access through the buttons on the side.

How do I do the same for my laptop? I need to reduce the size of the display. I don't
want a different resolution (though I don't mind if that's the way it works), I don't want
to change font size, all I need is to look at a smaller screen.

I need this because my current screen, even though small by any standards, is giving me headaches. I've already tried everything from adjusting font size to taking breaks, but my work demands I spend a lot of time in front of the monitor.

Please help, everywhere I look I find answers about resolutions and font size, I don't know how to tackle this.
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I'm not up with the technicalities of this for laptops but I doubt what you are asking for is possible.

In any case, I would visit your doctor/optician first to get advice about optimizing your viewing position, especially if you use glasses. I had to have glasses specifically made for PC work. Even so, I find any sort of prolonged use of my laptop as opposed to the desktop gives the same symptoms you describe. The way I overcame this at a time when both my desktops were undergoing repair was to connect my widescreen monitor (which I find most comfortable for long sessions) to the laptop, although this option might not be possible for you if you are not in a static environment.
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Adjusting vertical and horizontal size is primarily a function of analogue CRT monitors. LCD/LED screens work differently and I haven't heard of anyone making the viewable area smaller than the screen size.

I suggest that you attach an external CRT monitor to your laptop and view that. Another reason for doing this is to improve your posture which can cause headaches. Postural problems can even feel like eye problems because your eyes can feel sore and strained.

You need to seriously look at your posture using a laptop because you are probably spending too much time in a bad position:
  • Are you looking down at the screen or straight ahead? Screens should be viewed horizontally so you are not affecting your posture by bending your neck and bowing your shoulders. Both effects increase tension and fatigue. This is easy to diagnose if your shoulder or neck muscles feel sore or are tender to touch.
  • Are you stretching to reach the keyboard and/or mouse? Your upper arms should hang vertically from your shoulder and your lower arms extend horizontally to reduce stresses. That usually requires a combination of desk and chair at the right heights and a separate keyboard attached to the laptop.
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It is not possible?? with a digital display to reduce the size of the picture without reducing the resolution.
This is because each pixel on the screen is a discrete circuit and cannot be split.

You actually can change the size- but the result is almost unusable since rounding results in strange results when fractional pixels are involved.
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Thanks you for your help. It occurred to me that it might not be possible, but I was hoping there maybe was some software out there that might do it. I'll just have to manage I guess.
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Default I think this is the solution


I was searching for the same solution but for a different reason. I dropped my laptop and the screen got damaged. Couple of inches on the extreme left hand side of my laptop screen now shows a vertical band of rainbow colours.

There are a lot of discussions on the internet for resolution but not a lot for actual display size. A reduced display size.

I eventually did the following...


Right click on desktop ---> Screen Resolution --> Advanced Settings ---> Intel(R) Graphics and Media Control Panel ---> Scaling--> Centre Image

Now go back to Right click on desktop ---> Screen Resolution and change the resolution to suite.

Hope it helps.
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