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Default No audio

I have lost all audio, my son 'cleaned' our computer amd I am under the imprssion he has deleted the audio driver, there is nothing i can find anymore with a volume control like I used to , i have tried to download audio realtex drivers but need my official windows rego and god knows where that would be, I have no windows disc as I bought mu computer second hand with it already installed. please help as my wife needs the sound for study.
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This is one of the reasons where a not so tech savvy person shouldn't use those "one click" clean your computer system utilities.

First you should get an idea of the Audio adapter and codec that you have installed on your system. A tool like HwINFO is very informative. Download the specific version for your system. Extract and run it and expand "Audio" in the left sidebar and click on the item below it and post back here the results you see in the section Audio adapter and Audio codec and we'll help you find the necessary drivers
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Thanks George but can you repeat that in english ??
Sorry mate but i'm hopeless with the tech talk, is there no easy way i can re install a driver?
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when I open sounds and audio devises in the control panel, it says there is no audio device
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Tom, welcome to the forum.

What George.J suggested is a system information tool, HWInfo. It will tell you what components, or hardware, you have on your system. Knowing the model number of the components is important, so that the correct drivers can be downloaded. That is where the software for system information come in handy.

HWInfo is one such software. George.J has provided the link for the its site to you in his post. You can download the software here, from its download page:

You can find out whether your Windows is 32-bit, or 64-bit, by right clicking on "My Computer", and clicking on Properties. If you are in doubt, just download HWiNFO32. Run it on your system.

As George.J said in his post, note down what it says for Audio Adapter, and Audio Code, under the Audio tab, in the software.

Also, in the same software, click on the Motherboard tab, and please note down the Motherboard Model, and post it here.

Both of these will help locate the driver for the audio on your system.
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