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Default Help...Drive letter missing

Hey Tech Person,

I have used my "E" drive for years (with an external drive).

Recently, my "E" drive turned itself to "F" and I have not been able to get any work done on my files that link to C & E (the two drives I use).

I have already done the following to no avail:


1) Right click on "My Computer"
2) Click on "Manage"
3) When the "Computer Management" screen comes up, click on "Disk Management" on the left panel.
4) The lower part of the right panel will show each volume that XP can see. It should show your flash drive. Right click on the drive that is your flash drive and then click on, "Change Drive letters and paths". This will allow you to assign a logical drive letter to the flash drive. Just click on the "Change" button and select a drive letter you know is not already in use. This will assign it a logical drive letter and XP will then pop up the flash drive.


It didn't work because the drop down that allows you to Add or Change the letter was either Blocked from being used or the letter E was missing from the list.

I also used System Restore which said the letter was missing or removed.

Please help me to restore my Drive Letter E.

By any means necessary! Sigh
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you can find some good information on this site..
To err is human, to blame it on a computer is even more so.
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It sounds as if E:\ has been reassigned at some point for some reason, perhaps another flash drive or SD card or some such?

If you can remember using anything like that, then your easiest route would be to re-connect that device and re-assign its letter which will then free up E:\ for you.

Failing that, it is possible to edit drive letter assignments directly in the system registry but this is something you should only attempt if you're experienced/confident about doing so and even then you should at the very least make a back up of the registry first and if it were me I'd probably back up my whole system drive just in case.
The problem being that if you accidentally edit letter assignments that your system depends on (e.g. C:\) then your computer will most probably become unbootable.

( I like Paragon for that personally.)

Anyway, instructions here for where to find the relevant registry keys - - the page is written re - Drive C:\ but you can use the same steps to reclaim your E:\
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