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Hugheen 22. Oct 2013 04:31 PM

Uninstalling unwanted programs
I'm careful but occasionally I get suckered into downloading a "free" program that would seem to be helpful however I often find programs such as mipony, mighty uninstaller, etc. are loaded with gimmicks and then want to get rid of them.
Not easy, can't use control add and remove, cannot use command prompt, etc.
What can I do? I use a MS Windows 7 premium on a HP Laptop. Any help really appreciated.


joeguru 22. Oct 2013 10:03 PM

Gizmo's has an article on this.

bo.elam 23. Oct 2013 09:03 PM

I prefer not to use uninstallers other than the ones supplied by a developer for his own product and I always uninstall from the Control panel unless a product specifically recommends to use their own uninstaller instead. I don't keep any uninstaller in my computers but I used Decrap to get rid of programs that came with my old HP XP and that did not supply an uninstaller.

In the two HP W7 computers that I have purchased, using Decrap has never been necessary. By reading your post, I get that you have some programs in your computer that don't have an uninstaller. For that, you can use and I recommend you use Decrap. But I also recommend if you choose to use this programs, use it only for specific programs. Don't go overboard and start uninstalling things that you don't know what they are.


windyctyprog 25. Feb 2014 05:08 PM


A few questions on this topic.

Just got a new a new laptop and need to get the crap/bloat uninstalled.

I downloaded Decrap, but there were so many items that they recommended to get rid of that I have no idea what many of them really are...

I tried searching for each one individually, but some of them don't seem to be listed anywhere.

1. How do I avoid screwing up my system?

2. Is there a reliable source to see what these programs really are?

This is the very first time I bought an off-the-shelf system and this has taken so much time to set this up.

As always, I look to your guidance...

sicknero 25. Feb 2014 07:55 PM

I would definitely start by making a backup image of the OS before doing anything else. What one program tells you is crap might well turn out to be something you need or find useful later on.

There's a lot to be said for the "If it isn't broken don't fix it" approach here as well - a good way to avoid screwing up your system is, if it's all working well, to leave it alone especially if you're having difficulty finding out exactly what all the installed programs are.

Remah 26. Feb 2014 05:59 AM

If you're stuck for what to keep/remove then you could list them here.

windyctyprog 27. Feb 2014 02:35 PM


That's a great idea - I will do that after I get home this weekend...

Thanks for the suggestion.

bo.elam 28. Feb 2014 04:07 AM

Hi WindyChi, I agree with Remah, list the programs here. If the PC is an HP, I pretty much know what comes with and I know you wont have to use decrap. Use decrap only for uninstalling something specific, something that you cant find an uninstaller in the PC.

I give you a hint where to start though. The first three programs that I get rid of after first boot are the old Java and Flash versions that comes with the new PC and the trial antivirus that usually comes pre installed.

So, get rid of them now and install the latest Flash and don't reinstall Java unless you have any use for it. About the antivirus, install whatever you like. But get rid of the one that came with the PC as clean as possible. Tell us which AV comes with the PC if there is one now.

And don't worry much, if something goes wrong, you can always hit F11 to go back to square one. Have fun, enjoy your new PC. :)


windyctyprog 28. Feb 2014 02:58 PM


OK, will do this weekend.

It is a Lenovo 580, Win7 Pro x64.

Comes installed with some kind of McAfee Suite, I suspect I need to go to McAfee to rid myself through their installer?

As an aside, Win7 comes with Defender. If I install MSE, does it turn off Defender?

My current security set up on my 3 XP machines with Firefox is: MSE, Sandboxie, Winpatrol, CryptoPrevent (this is a great little utility that also does stop a wide variety of malware), on-demand scanners MBAM and Hitman Pro, and a few others when necessary.

I do need Java, but I never turn it on in Firefox. I will also uninstall any and all Adobe and reinstall directly from Adobe.

I use Geek as my general uninstaller, have for a long time, will continue to use it.

I don't use anything MS except Office (2007 Ultimate) and don't want Hotmail/Live/and etc. that seems to be everywhere on the machine. There is a Google toolbar somewhere, and a variety of other programs that seem to be crap.

Lenovo seems to have their own link directly to my machine and already I can see that it is another pain - it took 21 hours to download all the updates to Windows and Office, everything is current, yet the Lenovo "reminders" already lag behind and keep nagging.

BTW, can you turn off the Win7 UAC? I already found that to be a pain...

Bo, you helped me through my original Sandboxie configurations, wouldn't live without SBIE now.

Thanks all...

I love this forum!

bo.elam 28. Feb 2014 10:33 PM

Windy, you can uninstall McAfee from control panel, after rebooting the computer, run their cleanup tool. Look around the middle of the page.

To turn off UAC, look here for instructions on how to do it.

You should uninstall the old Java, after rebooting install the new one. You can get it from this link. Use the offline installer.

For Flash, you can get their uninstaller from here....

...and the installer for the new version from this link. Nothing gets bundled with installers from here. Lately I have been using the msi but it doesn't really matter if you use the exe version.

About Live, you can uninstall that thing from Control panel. I did too. One of the things that I really really enjoy getting rid of is "Games". I hate games, I don't play any. In my W7, there was about 2GB of space occupied by games. If your PC comes with games, you can get rid of them if you want. I uninstalled Wild tangent (HP games) but I did not touch the few games that come from Microsoft themselves.

You can install MSE, it should disable WD. If it doesn't, you can do it yourself from Control panel. For Google toolbar, look for the uninstaller in control panel. The Lenovo program that is bothering you, probably can be disabled. I done that with HPs similar program.

Enjoy it


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