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vt9 10. Oct 2013 07:38 AM

Permanently delete "My" folders & Favorites in windows explorer 7
With the exception of My Documents, Iím trying to permanently delete or move ďMyĒ folders and Favorites in Windows Explorer 7 so they do not clutter up windows explorer. I have changed the registry by changing the CLSID values as well as deleting the shell folders. Every time I open windows explorer, Favorites comes back and the same with My Music when I open iTunes. I have changed the iTunes default folder numerous times but it keeps resetting to the default, My Music. I have my audio, video and images organized in folders with names Iíve been using since the introduction of Windows file manager as well as my web shortcuts organized in a folder. Back-ups are located on two external 1TB hard drives. Itís much easier to see an entire folder of bookmarks in windows explorer rather than scrolling through the numerous folders when Iím on my browser. All my files and shortcuts are opened from windows explorer or shortcuts on my desktop. I prefer to house audio, video, images, word, excel, powerpoint, etc. that pertain to one subject in one folder so everything I need on a particular subject is together, not in separate folders by type. Prior to windows 7, one simply had to delete the folder and they were gone. I bought Creative Elements to restore the icons I use for my file folders and applications since there doesnít seem to be a way in windows 7 to do this. I have successfully removed homegroup and libraries but these other folders are as stubborn to remove as Roxio or Norton. Do you know of a way I can permanently remove these folders? It is not a space issue for me. I just want them gone. I have also tried hiding them but that doesnít work either. Thanks.

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