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MassagePS 06. Oct 2013 10:27 PM

Make one registry edit at a time...
Regarding your instructions:

Make only one Registry edit at a time. Wait to see if everything works the way you want before making any more changes to the Registry. Don't forget that many Registry edits require that you log off or reboot before they take effect.

If I am editing the registry to remove a virus, etc. can I edit the entire thing by find next etc? I mean, can I follow the editing of the registry thru the entire directions (rather than one at a time?)

Also, is it sufficient to just do a restore point for "backup" as this seems easiest for me or what do you suggest for someone just learning....)

Many thanks..

v.laurie 06. Oct 2013 11:34 PM

You are apparently quoting from this article about using Regedit. Editing the Registry as described there and cleaning up the Registry from a malware infection are two completely different things. If you are trying to recover from a malware infection, forget about editing the Registry with Regedit. Consult one of the numerous articles at Gizmo's that explain how to deal with an infected computer. One is How to Clean An Infected Computer.

If your restore point was made before the malware infection occurred and if the malware didn't infect your restore points (don't count on it) a restore point might help but I wouldn't bet on it. If you have a complete system image made before the infection that has been stored somewhere not connected to your computer, that might fix your problem. But generally you have to go through the type of tedious routine described in Chiron's article.

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