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Default Added HDD - Odd problem started - Please help

Hey everybody,

The HDD on my Win XP system is a rather small one (80GB) and with all the MS patches and updates, the OS partition was getting a bit too close to running out of space. So, I added a spare HDD I had in order to move all data and multimedia files to it and later on repartition the 1st HDD.
I had my data and multimedia files stored on a seperate partition and never kept anything in those "My Documents" etc. folders.

So, I formated the 2nd HDD, got it partitioned and moved all my data and multimedia files, only to be faced with the following odd problem:

1. I use XnView portable - that's still on a partition on the 1st HDD.
2. I also use KMPlayer (mostly for audio files) and PotPlayer (mainly for video files) - both are also still on the 1st HDD and as portables.
3. I have XnView associated the almos all types of image files, KMPlayer associated with audio files (mp3, flac, ogg, etc.) and PotPlayer with video files.
4. Now, Potplayer works fine - I can double-click on a multimedia file and it will open/ play it.
5. But XnView and KMPlayer don't, each displaying a different problem and error message.

XnVeiw Problem
1. If the file name contains no spaces, then regardless of file type/ extension, I can double-click on it and XnView will open it.
2. If the file name contains spaces and the file is any other type than .ico, then double-clicking on it or right-clicking and chosing XnView from a list of apps to open it, results to the error message "Error opening the file <file-path & file>".
3. If it's an .ico file, XnView will always open it regardless of method of opening it.
4. Now, if I first run XnView and chose to open any of these files from within XnView, everything works flawlessly - any and all files open.

KMPlayer Problem
1. No matter what the format of the file name is, KMPlayer doesn't open any audio files by double-clicking or right-clicking and chosing it from a list of apps, instead it displays the error message "Can't open or find the file <file-path & file>".
2. If I first run KMPlayer and chose to open any of these not found files, KMPlayer finds and opens them just fine.
3. If I chose to open a video file with KMPlayer (right-click and pick it from the list). it also works just fine.

I'm quite baffled why this issue surfaced - I have not made any changes to the 1st HDD yet (other than moving my files), nor have I made any changes to file associations (or the OS in general) though it seems to somehow be related to file association.

I'd very much appreciate any and all suggestions you could come up with.
-- Should I restore all file associations and customize them anew?
-- Should I remove all traces of these apps and "install" them anew?
-- A combination of the above?
-- Anything else??

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I believe if your using portable software some of them store data in the same location as the software. You might want to try running the portable apps from your 2nd HDD and see if that works.
It's been a while since I've used XP, but I recall having to go into folders I had moved, right click on them, and remove the 'read only' option from the folder. If you click on a folder you can choose to remove read only from all the sub files and folders.
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This is an interesting problem Baffling indeed especially with Xn handling some filetypes correctly and not others...

I don't use Xn or KM so can't comment on these programs specifically but I do use a lot of portable apps including Pot, and default file handling can be one of the bugbears of portable software.
Are you using portable versions from the vendors themselves, or are they portable paf/thinstall/cameyo etc versions? Some portable programs are more self-contained than others...

I can't imagine how moving the programs to your second drive would help but, there's nothing to lose by trying it and seeing what happens. It could help to narrow down the possibilities.

Conversely if you do that and then set them again as default media handlers, you will be creating a whole new set of registry entries and so you won't know if it was moving the programs that helped, or whether it's the recreated file associations and context menu entries.

For that reason I would first want to remove all traces of the programs from the registry if you're confident about doing that, and then recreate the associations and menu entries from scratch.

If that doesn't help, I would again remove all registry traces and the programs themselves, and then download fresh versions of the software in question and repeat the process in case it is the program's own settings which are at fault, though that seems unlikely.

There is some discussion on the XnView website about directories with spaces in the name, which might help - - I'm assuming that Xn (and KM) still work correctly with files on the same drive (C)..?

Is there any particular reason by the way for using both Pot and KM?

Edit; It occurred to me that if you know where to look, it's probably worth checking XnView's registry keys to see if there's anything different about the entry for *.ico files.

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