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dianefranzen 25. Aug 2013 07:48 PM

Vista cannot download anything- all infected?
Hi I have Windows Vista and have been using Avast 7. Recently everytime I try to download it is marking it as infected and deleting it. I can't uninstall avast - I get a virus scan failed when I try to download AWSCLEAR.
Any ideas? Every download fails.:mad:

Anupam 25. Aug 2013 08:19 PM

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Strange problem you are having. Is this problem with exe files only, or with anything that you try to download from the internet? Like, try downloading an image, or a pdf file, or any other non-exe file, and see how Avast behaves.

If it's only with exe files, then maybe your system is infected with malware that's infecting the exe files as soon as they are downloaded.

Try scanning an exe file which is already on your system and see what Avast does. It will tell if the problem is with all exe files, already on the system, or just with files being downloaded.

There might be chances of your system being infected by malware. Before removing Avast, I would make sure the system is not infected.

As an alternative, you can scan your system with rescue disks of other antivirus, like Kaspersky Rescue Disk, which is free. You can download it from here:

It will be .ISO file. It's an image file. You have to burn that image on to an optical disc with your CD/DVD burner software. Then, boot the computer from the CD/DVD and run a scan.

If you want to uninstall Avast, that can be done without downloading Awsclear utility. Simply uninstall Avast from Add/Remove Programs, from the Control Panel.

awsclear utility is required afterwards to clean up leftover files, and registry entries of Avast.

dianefranzen 25. Aug 2013 08:23 PM

Hi its all files (pics, documents, podcasts). I tried uninstalling using the control panel but it gets a data exception trying to open avast. Even my avast uploads don't work.

Anupam 25. Aug 2013 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by dianefranzen (Post 91647)
I tried uninstalling using the control panel but it gets a data exception trying to open avast.

The statement is confusing a bit. You tried uninstalling using Control Panel... means Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel?

Data exception while trying to open Avast... open Avast interface? Or did you mean something else?


Originally Posted by dianefranzen (Post 91647)
Even my avast uploads don't work.

What do you mean by Avast uploads?

Anupam 25. Aug 2013 08:32 PM

You can also post about this problem in the Avast forum. See what the Avast team says about this issue on your system. They might have a better answer, if you do not get any good answer from this forum, just in case.

dianefranzen 25. Aug 2013 08:49 PM

Didn't mean to sound vague. When I go to the programs/uninstall and click on avast I get an error box that says avast.setup unknown software exception OX0000417 occurred in application.
By the automated updates - Avast was updating my virus definitions automatically until recently.
On the Avast forum I started there a week ago. They advised me to run aswclear (which I cannot) and malwarebytes and attach the log which I don't know how to do. I will try them again but they just post the standard reply.

Anupam 25. Aug 2013 09:00 PM

It's unfortunate that they are not able to provide the required help at their forum.

You can try to run the system in Safe Mode, and see if things work there. When you boot the PC, just after the boot screen, press repeatedly, F8, and the options should be shown to boot the system in various modes. If F8 does not work, try F5.

From the options, choose Safe Mode with Networking. Once computer boots in Safe Mode, then try to remove Avast again from Add/Remove. If that fails, try to download awsclear, and run it.

You can also try to download awsclear on another system, maybe of your friend, and then try copying it to your system in a pen drive, and then run the utility, in Safe Mode.

As requested at the Avast forum, did you run Malwarebytes Antimalware? If you do not have it on your system, as suggested, you can download it on a friend's PC, and then copy and install it on your system.

Anupam 25. Aug 2013 09:02 PM

One trick that might work is... right click on Avast icon, and choose to disable all the shields, and then try downloading stuff, like awsclear, and Malwarebytes Antimalware.

awsclear is best run from Safe Mode though.

dianefranzen 25. Aug 2013 10:27 PM

Thanks for all your advice. I did boot my PC in safe mode earlier. I will try downlading awsclear on another PC and see if that works. I ran malwarebytes earlier today too.

I appreciate all your assistance.

Anupam 25. Aug 2013 10:42 PM

Glad to help :). Do let us know how it goes.

I found your thread there at Avast forum:

You replied late to them on what they asked you to do. If you do not give them feedback, they cannot provide solutions.

To download and run DDS, or any other software... as suggested above, you can disable the shields of Avast, and then download files. I think that should succeed.

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