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jmjsquared 23. Aug 2013 02:38 AM

Windows 7 - Moving Files & Folders to Different Drive
I've had a hiccup in moving Personal Folders from C: to D: drive and am looking for "Best Practice" advice from those who know.

As a start, I "thought" I followed this TIP exactly but messed up somewhere:

Any advice or insight would be appreciated.

joeguru 23. Aug 2013 05:12 PM

What exactly is the intent? It's unclear if you want to backup these files, relocate their destination folder so it defaults to another drive or something else? Yes I read the other posts.

Sope 23. Aug 2013 06:15 PM

Here is a good tutorial on the subject.

It worked for me. You may be able to shed light on where you went wrong by reading through it.

jmjsquared 28. Aug 2013 09:45 PM

Thanks for the responses and advice. I did not see them until today, August 28th.

Actually, I solved my issues prior to starting this thread in an effort to get help for another TechSupport/Gizmo subscriber who, like I had, is still having issues with having tried to move a personal folder from one drive to

I'll direct him here. Perhaps it will be of use to him.

Thanks again and pardon my delay in replying.:o

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