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Default Dell V105 inkjet printer problem

Hi hoping someone can help--my printer goes to print but then seems to get jammed. Its like as if the rollers that pull in the paper are not even, the paper seems to go in on one side faster than the other, or something like that and then it sticks. What can I do?????
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It seems like more of a hardware problem than software one, and so, it would be better if you took the printer to a computer shop, and have the techs over there take a look at it.
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It's possible some of the rollers that feed the paper are dirty or worn. As Anupam said, this sounds like a hardware issue. Have you tried contacting Dell's customer support? I emphasize customer support because at quick glance, their forum seems pretty pathetic in terms of providing answers.

Also, home/small office printers are simply not made to last, so if you had gotten some good service out of it, some internal parts are probably near the end of their intended life.

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It could be the rollers are bad or dirty. It could also be a foreign particle blocking the path. Could be many possible issues, so if you're not comfortable tinkering with it, I agree with Anupam, take it to a repair shop. Usually you can get a free estimate and find out how extensive the problem is.
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