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Default CPU, busses, cache, RAM

Please help me, if you can. I am trying to wrap my head around the subject topics and I would like to know if you could give me a specific example of how these three items work together. I have the general basics, but I am still a bit confused as I am the type of student that needs specific examples using applications and programs.

My summer classes start next week and I am trying to get through the first three chapters for the first class - per the syllabus.
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Hello jldix425 and welcome to the forum. I have to admit that I'm a n00b too, but did you do some searches on the internet? For example, with a quick search for CPU tutorial I got this as the 1st result. It may be a bit dated, but it looks easy to understand and the principles may be the same I think. Also, have you searched Wikipedia?
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We are mainly a software forum, and we won't be able to provide such help here. It's best to either ask your teachers to explain them to you. Or, as Joe says, search on the internet, you will find many sites where this will all be explained nicely. You can also search for e-books on computers fundamentals, and you will get some where all this will be explained.
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