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Default Audio CDs not playing

Hi all,
I bought a brand new pack of cds from Costco the other day
just so I could burn some audio cds for my car. I always use Nero and all my music on my computer are MP3 files. Always used the same method...drag the mp3s to next window and click burn. 1 disk that i burned succesfully worked like a charm on my stereo however when i tried to burn more music later on, none of the cds worked in the car. When i put them back into the computer they all say track01 1kb,
track 02 1kb, track 03 1kb.
First i though maybe something happened to Nero, so I installed a different software
Roxio same thing..Than I tried a different drive..same thing...I tried different computers in the house..again same thing..It said burn was succesfull but all I get is *.cda which are only 1kb each. I waisted over 15 cds trying to experiment with softwares and different options with no luck. Please help thank you
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All audio CDs will contain .cda files, and won't show the actual files. .cda files are information files which actually point to start of a track, and other such details.

Maybe the current CDs are a problem. Burning audio CDs can be tricky, and different factors can affect it.

Read this thread:
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