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Default Backing up a System image online

Hi a friend of mine has a new windows 8 laptop. I am going to make a image for them. But i dont want the image on my external HD. Because i know the size would be quite large i need a place to store it where it wont get damaged or corrupted. and they dont have a external HD of there own.

I was going to temporary put t on my HD and thought of uploading it to a online cloud service. like Adrive or dropbox but the problem with them is the upload size limit. although they may have the space to hold it i probably cant upload the file all at once. Im not sure if i can risk compressing the image or splitting the file, uploading them online. then downloading them if i need them because it may become corrupted in the download or re-merging them back together.

If its any help i was going to use Macrium Reflect to make the image. But i need to back it up to a free service.

Any ideas?
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Here's a couple places to look:

(Please note that the above link includes both free and commercial software that is for online backups)

This link is for 8 free online backup programs/utilities.

P.S. I am just trying to offer you a host of options or solutions. Personally, I use and LOVE Mozy. But, I don't recall what the file size limit is.
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I'm guessing that a full system image is too big for it to be practical to store it in the cloud due to a combination of file size limits and upload speed.

IMO, under the circumstances your best bet would probably be to split the image between multiple DVD's. I believe this feature is available with at least some of the free imaging programs that are available.
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