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Default Slow browsing

Ok not sure where to post this question but here goes .

Using Win 7 but got tired of slow page loading and no matter what i tryed i can t get it faster so now trying Safari 5.7.1 and yikes its slower then MS so what do i keep missing ! ?

I use Cleanup and superantispywear and Spybot on a regular basis to keep the pc cleaned out so any ideas as to how to get my lap top running faster; get page loading speeded up ?

Any ideas and suggestions; step by step instructions etc ? - thanks
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Several suggestions:

1. If you haven't tried Chrome, I find it the fastest on Windows 7.
2. Use CCleaner to clear out temporary files, internet cache, etc.
3. Type (or go to) "Run" (command)> then type "%temp%" > then hit enter. Delete everything that comes up older than 3 days old.
4. Navigate to the Windows/Temp folder. Again, delete everything older than 3 days old.
5. Wait at least a week before emptying your recycle bin.
6. Run disk defragger (built in one is fine) at least weekly.


1. How much Ram do you have and do you have a 32 bit or 64 bit machine?
2. How old is your machine?
3. How often do you install and uninstall programs? Do you do this a lot?
4. Do you regularly use registry cleaners or have you used them in the past?
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Default win-7-i-e-9-0-now-safari

Ok will try chrome again; but have used chrome and firefox and opera and modizilla etc and they all seem very very very slow so far safari seems the best but never at top speed . . Must try one called commando that s been getting rave reviews .

Have used Cc before but now trying Cleanup for now but will try cleanup again; using superantispywear and panda antivirus.

Using win 7 i.e. 9.0 64 bit 4 gigs of ram - lap top is just over a year old.

Ran %temp% and everything there is from today - later need some food .
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If all browsers seem to be running slow it would suggest there is an underlying problem on your PC which has nothing to do with your choice of browser.

Personally I would suggest the following (freeware versions) :-

Hitman Pro

Make sure Windows is up to date.
Defragment your hard drive.

Do not run any registry cleaners, system optimizers, etc.
(May cause more harm than good, or at least complicate matters!)

See if that helps?
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um, what part of the process is slow? Is it loading the browser or loading the page? or loading the tab?

Just wondering if it just isn't because you have a slow/bad internet connection/proxy/dns/etc
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Ok just annoyed when i use other browsers; chrome or firefox or modizza or safari or advent or pale moon - etc i can t see a difference.

Is it expecting to much to see a visible difference ?

I wonder if i had a stop watch and timed page loading and getting from one link to another etc would i see a difference in the time i wonder ?

I used Cc and Hitman and they found nothing hum .

Might be a very very slow dsl speed with verizon and getting 1.5 gigs but thinking of moving over to comcast and thats cable at 20 gigs and higher blazing fast so that should be fun . . . Should add combo fix to try . . .

Later . .
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Try running from a Linux Live CD (like Linux Mint) to see if it's a Windows problem. Just click "try linux mint without installing", it won't affect your hard drive.

You can go to to see the difference between your system, the LiveCD, and what Verizon claims.

If it isn't a Windows problem, try resetting your router. If that doesn't work, contact Verizon.
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