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Default Upgrading Win 8 to 64bit How to ?

My question is mainly about backing up my computer to reinstall everything..Free programs ? etc..,
I have Win 8 32 bit now..

Thanks in advance
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I normally image my hard drive, as that backs up everything including the operating system and all programs. You can find our listing of best free drive imaging tools here and the forum for drive imaging here for tips, questions and answers.
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It's a good idea to have an image, but here, you are going to be doing a full-install, the image will only allow you to go back to the old 32 bit system. If you have the room, you might ought to try installing to a different partition, leaving you with a dual-boot system, allowing you to boot into the 32-bit version if the need ever arose, e.g., some program you need that balks in 64bit, or just as a testing/benchmarking platform for whatever geekish reason you can come up with, etc. If you tell it to install to a different partition, it will do this and setup the booting without a problem, unless it has a problem . It is MS after all.
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