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Default Laptop Mouse Pad hardware mod

Hi all long time no post,
I think i know what the answer will be but thought i would ask anyways.

On the new windows 8 laptops the mouse pad recognizes 2 finger inputs, pinch zoom, and useing 2 fingers to scroll up and down a page. Im just wondering if there is a way i can get my windows 7 mouse pad to do the same..

at the moment it has the scroll on the far left of the mouse pad, but i would like to have the pinch and zoom effect on it..
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I assume you're referring to a laptop running Windows 7?
If so, you can often enable those features via the Device Settings under Mouse Properties.
Check what kind of touch pad you have - the most common is Synaptics. You'll need to update the drivers, for Synaptics you can go here to download them. The manufacturer of your laptop may have installed their own drivers and the features may not be the same, updating to the latest drivers might work.

I've tried Synaptics, Dell and HP drivers on my Dell laptop and liked the Synaptics the best.
I advise backing up data and/or creating a restore point. I didn't have any trouble but your mileage may vary.
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