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Default Ask Toolbar Updater Won't Uninstall

Not to be confused with the Ask Toolbar. This is a separate entry in my mom's "Programs & Features".

Quick story: My mother is 74 years old and not very computer literate. I typically have to use Teamviewer several times per month to fix a minor issue with her computer. She ran into an issue a month ago that I could not fix via Teamviewer and she took it to a repair shop that totally re-installed Vista for her. Since then, I've had to help her at least on 6 ocassions.

In doing some clean-up of programs she's installed in about a week or two, I ran across the Ask Toolbar AND an entry for Ask Toolbar Updater. I was able via Teamviewer to uninstall the Ask Toolbar. However, upon trying to uninstall the "Ask Toolbar Updater" I got an error message stating something to the effect that I didn't have access rights to do so and to check with the network administrator. Keep in mind that this is a free-standing solo PC.

Even after re-boot I got the same message. I can't uninstall this thing! Does anyone have any suggestions?

P.S. She has a fairly slow connection so using Teamviewer is very trying and just plain extremely slow.

P.S.S. I thought about Revo Uninstaller as one option....

NOTE: Why in the world would a repair shop re-install Vista and NOT validate the installation?! She's now getting a message that her Windows is not validated?! Of course, she has no idea where her license key is....
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From what I understand, this will also be in the restore points and will re-activate itself even if removed. There are quite a few "advisories" about it via Google but most seem to be just promoting removal products (surprise!) Fortunately I've never got stuck with this myself so don't have any first hand experience..

Maybe first port of call is the repair shop anyway? If they installed a fake copy of Windows they're bang out of line and they should not have messed with the incumbent system anyway without first checking their customer had the necessary validation details.
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You could try going to the Registry: HKEY_Curent _User/Software and then deleting the entry for the Ask Toolbar Updater.
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You can look for the product key as shown at
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Here's some info about the updator and it mentions that the updator will uninstall itself while you uninstall the toolbar.

Why don't you try Geek Uninstaller and remove the updator. One of the best features in Geek Uninstaller is that, they show various components within a single software to be uninstalled separately. For instance in the case of Microsoft.Net framework, it allows for uninstallation of individual security updates and the program itself separately.

You could also try to remove the startup option using Autoruns. Assuming you know how to use HijackThis, it's also a great tool.
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I had good luck in the past using revo's uninstaller tool with other toolbar/hard to remove items. not sure if it would help here, but if you run out of ideas, might want to look into it
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