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Well guys, I have another update on this .

Finally, my brother gave up his old laptop to me, and it's been with me for a few months now. As evident from the thread, I always wanted to wipe out Windows Vista from it, and wanted to install XP or Windows 7. I went for it today, and am happy to announce that I have successfully installed Windows 7 on the laptop.

I first took backup of all personal and important data on the laptop. Then, I took an image backup of the full hard drive, with all its partitions... OEM space, the OS, recovery partition, and Dell Media Direct(stupid as it is).

The optical drive of the laptop stopped working ages ago, and I did not want to get a new one as it's expensive a bit, and I did not want to invest on that. I have an external USB optical drive, but unfortunately, the laptop does not recognize it as a boot device.

So, I was in a fix as to how to proceed to install Windows on it. Also, in order for me to restore the image back too, it would require running of the optical drive, in order for me to run the rescue disc. The solutions came in the form of USB drive. I found Paragon Backup and Recovery 2013 has an option to create a bootable flash drive, and I did that. Was able to successfully make an image using that. Macrium Reflect does not have that option.

Next, I discovered two tools to create a bootable flash drive from Windows 7 CD. One is Microsoft's own software, but for some reason, it was unable to make a bootable flash drive, and kept popping up an error. WinToFlash came to rescue, and I was successfully able to create a Windows 7 bootable USB drive with it.

If someone is looking to create bootable USB drives for Windows, be it XP, Vista, 7, or 8... I will highly recommend WinToFlash.

After that bootable USB drive was created, it was all smooth from there. Windows 7 was really fast to install, and went smooth. It also recognized and installed all drivers... video, audio, wireless, LAN, etc. Although, I do see a problem with three devices, titled as "Base System Devices", in the Device Manager, but I think all major system devices have their drivers installed, and the system is running fine. I will be looking to solve those problematic devices... I haven't performed Windows updates yet, so most probably, they will be covered there.

Windows 7 takes only 9 GB of space, which is a whole lot less compared to Windows Vista. Laptop seems responsive. Happy with the results .

Thanks for all the help offered to me in past by everyone.

Another success story \""/ .
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