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rgvbe2010 26. Jun 2012 10:11 AM

my system is hanging
i dont know why but my system is hanging on ,,,,

one of the folders , when i click it stuck on that and whole system takes time to respond ..

please help me out .

i know which folder is that , but i cant do anything ..

i am using windows 7 64 bit

George.J 26. Jun 2012 11:51 AM

Hi, welcome to the forum.
You're supposed to mention what folder you clicked on to get stuck.
If possible please try to provide as much detail as possible.

rgvbe2010 28. Jun 2012 01:18 PM

thanks for replying ....George

well the folder is on D drive and generally i download new things in that folder . and now a days it is hanging on , with that one more folder is began to hange . which is simple folder in d drive .

please help me ..

any more details you want tell me .

waiting for replying :)

George.J 28. Jun 2012 05:40 PM

Allright since the cause of the problem is quite vague we might have to do some troubleshooting.

  • Caching of thumnails in a folder can cause slowdowns while opening a folder. So try to change your view to "detail" or "list", to prevent thumbnail display and caching.
  • In my system I have separate folders inside my Downloads folder for documents, pictures, music, videos and general items. When I download, I set it the download location to the corresponding item and optimize the folder accordingly.

    For eg: if I download video, I download it to videos folder and for the optimization I do the following procedure.

    Right Click on the Folder->Properties->Customize tab->Select Optimize this folder for Videos.
    Like this, I optimize each folder correspondingly.

    If you don't have separate download folders, then it's better you optimize it for General Items. For that:
    Right click on Downloads folder->Properties->Customize tab->Select Optimize this folder for General Items.
  • If your downloads folder is still opening slow, try defragmenting the drive using the built in Windows 7 defragmenter, or by using Defraggler you can defrag the specific folder that is slow to open.

After you perform these steps, do post back if you got the folder to open faster than before. If not, I'll give you more troubleshooting tips.

rgvbe2010 29. Jun 2012 07:40 PM

thanks george , now its working fine ..

thanks alot for ur suggesions:)

George.J 29. Jun 2012 07:44 PM

Glad to hear that and you are welcome. :)

rgvbe2010 15. Jul 2012 08:10 PM

hey ,,,,, again that problem starts ,,,,but now whole system starts hanging ....

and still that folder start hanging again ,,,

please tell me the solution ,,,,

i am not able to work on my leapy

George.J 16. Jul 2012 08:08 PM

Could you please explain a little? Does your system hang after logging into your system after booting up? Or when does it exactly start hanging??

The more the info you give, you're bound to get better help. So expand your explaination as to what you were trying to do, what happens etc...

rgvbe2010 18. Jul 2012 07:05 PM

well , the first problem re exist now , when i open folder , it starts hanging. otherwise it works good but when i get into folder , and want to access some data from that it starts hanging.

please help me out ...

i have custmize my folder for general item but its not working , i mean its remain hanging....

George.J 19. Jul 2012 07:50 AM

Try the points 1 and 3 that I've mentioned earlier here above in this link...and reply back if your issue is solved or not.

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