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Default Best Free Computer Go updated

I've slightly restructured and updated the Best Free Computer Go page. Basically, by incorporating a couple of suggestions from the comments and placing the online resources before the discussion of standalone programs.

The page is intended to be friendly to newcomers to the game of Go and provide a good selection of computer resources. So feel free to pass on the link to anyone you know who likes intriguing board games

Further suggestions welcome


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Chess & Go?! There seems to be a puritan strain in this thread? Go to SourceForge & find a copy of 'Sauerbraten'. It's a beautifully coded, older-PC-friendly, Quake-like game.
At the risk of getting slapped down by Admin & assuming you're AV & Firewalled up...

I'm not recommending it, just saying it's out there!!
Edit: It may just be rubbish?!

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