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Default Portable Foxit Reader help

I have been trying to figure out how to keep the settings for the customized toolbars in portable Foxit reader so that when I move the Foxit reader folder from one computer to another the toolbar settings are kept rather than having to set up everything again.

I tried searching the folder/subfolders for an .ini file that I can copy or something but I haven't found anything useful.

I searched the registry and didn't see any relevant entries either. I wonder if what I am asking is possible with Foxit reader.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Foxit Reader usually stores the settings in it's own application folder. Maybe you could look for it, in data/settings in the folder you have extracted the software. Have you tried entering ".ini" in the search field when you are in the Foxit folder? If you do not get the .ini file still, you may want to look in the %AppData/Foxit Software/Foxit Reader in Windows.
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Thanks George. I tried all your suggestions and a lot of other methods until finally I found a way that worked for me. I will explain it here since maybe someone might have the same question.

This solution involves the registry, it is very simple though.

First, since Foxit portable creates a Foxit folder in the registry when opened for the first time it is necessary to open the application at least once if you haven't already so that the foxit folder is created.

While in foxit, arrange the toolbars any way you like.
Then, go to the registry (start/run/regedit) and locate the folder toolbars:
see picture

Right click the toolbars folder and click the export option.
Save the file anywhere on your computer.

Now, if you want to move portable foxit to any other computer just do so (make sure you also copy the file saved in the last step) and on the other computer simply open foxit at least once (so that the foxit folder is created in the registry), go to the registry and locate the toolbars folder, drag and drop the key you created before.
Reopen foxit and enjoy your customized toolbars.

I imagine you can do this for other setting but for me the toolbars were a pain to rearrange everytime I move portable foxit to other computer or install windows fresh.

If there are any other solutions out there it would be great to know
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