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Default "Free" Winx DVD ripper - not so free?

Back in late Sep / early Oct there was a free Winx DVD Ripper Platinum offered through Gizmo. I downloaded and installed it and it worked fine. This was supposed to be a full version - not some time limited hack.
I haven't used it for quite a while but today when I tried to use it, whenever I tried to start a rip I got a popup that basically led me into a dead end. It refused to proceed with the rip. It insisted that I purchase an upgrade.
I don't want an upgrade. The version I have works fine. It was not supposed to be handicapped in any way.
Digiarty flat out lied. Do not purchase or use any product from such an unscrupulous vendor.
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A software got through an offer, is not really considered free. Yes, it was free at that time... but still, remains a non-free software.

I think you are talking about this offer :

I had not availed of the offer, so I don't know much about it. Did it require you to activate the software by a registration/activation key? Are you using the same setup that you had downloaded then?

If things are not working as they should, you can write to WinX support, and inquire them about the problem.
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Or just use DVD Shrink instead. Been on v3.2 for goodness knows how long now, but works a treat. Also 'portable-ises' nicely with Universal Extractor.
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