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Default Just installed Gnumeric Spreadsheet


I am not very technically saavy at all, so be gentle in your terminology talk, please.

I started using this Spreadsheet to enter Supplies and Supplier and their products, etc.

After entering several products, I realized that my Row 1 that I'd frozen was no longer following me, so I scrolled up to top of page to discover that Row 1 had disappeared and was gone. Couldn't figure out where in the world it went so just created a new Header Row on A2 with several columns and attempted to sort of just forget about the old Header and go with this one, however, it will not freeze.

Ugghh!! I surely could have been the one to accidentally hide row 1 but no matter what I do or have tried, I cannot retrieve Row 1. I've tried highlighting entire page and then Right Clicking and hover over "Row" and then select "Unhide". Does nothing.

When I type A1 into the little input box, strangely my old A1 Header comes up (I'd used a different word which was "Product Name" whereas on the new Header I used "Supply"), so it must still be there....somewhere.

Hope I'm not being as clear as mud. I have a hard time explaining myself sometimes.

Thanks in advance for any help you might can offer.


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In the absence of a reply from someone using Gnumeric SS, all I could suggest is starting a new SS from scratch or trying another freeware SS program.
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I agree with what syntax_error says. In addition, it's difficult to comment on a single situation without knowing everything that led you to it.

Regarding Gnumeric, you might find what you need here or in a forum with a wide userbase for the program such as Ubuntu.

Alternatively, as already suggested, you might like to see if something else is easier to work with.

LibreOffice is one that many of us use.

If you prefer not to install a complete suite, then Kingsoft now make some of their suite components available for free.

File compatibility is not as diverse as LibreOffice, but then it depends on what you need.
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