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Old 19. Nov 2012, 05:10 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Cnet can be a cumbersome and confusing download. I inadvertently downloaded the free trial of Malwarebytes, the paid version by Cnet. One option is to let the trial run go, it will only last a week, then when it runs out don't pay to use it, and Malwarebytes will default to the free version. I wish some of these companies wouldn't use mirror sites, they have a confusing download process.
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When the window appears Malwarebytes has expired you will have 3 options, select the third option and the free version will still be on your computer.
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Free? All depends on how you define the term.

What's it been, about a year now that MWB has been using trickery to sneak their paid version on to your computer?

Here's the way I see it, yes you can get the "free" version of Malwarebytes after going through the hassle of figuring out/searching why the version you were tricked in to loading is not free. Now go through the trouble of hunting down the free program and then give them your email address in order to get the free version so MWB can sell it and now you have the pleasure of dealing with the ensuing spam. Now uninstall the paid version that just wasted your time, download and install the "free" version and then find out that MWB isn't all that great because it didn't get rid of your problem.

Remember, just because MWB has a marketing scheme that touts they are the greatest, doesn't mean, they are the best or even close......they are just popular...... popular doesn't always equate to best........popular comes from the product being good or an average product being over advertised. I think MWB is over advertised and it's abilities overstated.

Also, as many know, MWB will cause you unwanted hassle with their trickery, cause you to put a program on your PC that you never wanted and further trouble in order to straighten out the mess.
To me, that's malicious and their intent was malicious when they tricked you in to downloading the wrong version.

So, all depending on how you choose to look at it, not only is MWB far from free..... I would go so far as to consider it Malware, in that the marketers intent is/was malicious and it causes the user trouble.

Shame on the new, even scamier than ever MWB.

Cnet? They used to be fairly safe but they went the way of many others..... they got big, saw the money they could get by allowing their visitors to be tricked and I now stay away from them. I believe the mentioned "Softpedia" is still a fairly safe site to get your least for now.

Stop using tricky programs/sites and the tricks will stop. They only do it to you because it works and it only works because we let it.
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Originally Posted by Kenny747 View Post
Free? All depends on how you define the term.

What's it been, about a year now that MWB has been using trickery to sneak their paid version on to your computer?

Pretty much this. I didn't like the way they tried to install their paid version with a check box already marked while installing.
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Old 18. May 2013, 11:31 AM   #15 (permalink)
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yes it can be very tricky to download the actual 'free' not 'trial' version of MWB when downloading you really need to read and check what you've checked to download . MWB is a really great scanner that for me anyway finds things other scanners seem to miss so for me it's worth the hassle. When i tell my friends to download it i usually put it on their PC for them because it's easier for them.... and me as it goes.
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What I often do is get it from softpedia then there is no mistake eg I would search for malwarebytes softpedia click on the appropriate download link and then when installing read everything as you do it .
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Malwarebytes free and commercial editions have the same installer. What you need to do during installation and before clicking finish is to opt out from upgrading to the trial version. that's it. just be careful during installation and read all the steps during the whole process.
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Hi Vicky. The links for the product reviews are safe. When installing SAS though you have to be careful to decline the Pro version trial or you will encounter upgrade offers.
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Guys, before replying, please look at the date the thread was posted... it was posted two years ago, and the issue has been solved then itself. No use posting replies now, and/or repeating the solutions. This thread is being closed now.
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