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hi, My settings for max active torrents is 6/ my settings for max active downloads is 5 , I haven't changed them settings that's how they have always been since I downloaded utorrent a few days ago. I changed my settings for 'seeding goals (default values) minimum ratio' it was set at 0 I changed it to 350 . I changed it because I read somewhere that you should try to give back 300% and I thought that was the setting that would enable me to that, after I changed the ratio setting the red seeding bar went green , I can't check it for errors now because I deleted it because I wanted to upload and I read somewhere that you can get error if you upload a torrent video file if it's still seeding ( it had been seeding for a good 20 hours ) As you can see I have been reading about torrents all over the internet to try get a better understanding.
Even so I'm on a public torrent site( KAT ) I just wanted to try and make sure I was giving back what I was taking to be fare to other people once again thanks for your reply , you are great, I'm going to read though 'what is bittorent' again now .
I love Gizmos, it is my bible
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