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Okay, here's the deal (and sorry in advance for the length of this post):

OpenZero, you get to live! Thanks for the suggestion. It is good looking software and it does do what you claimed it does. However, it does not have the amount of fields that Sisma has (check it out, even with the portable version just to create an entry and you'll see what I mean), which I have, I think, become spoiled by and have found extremely useful! In fact, the section at the bottom has unlimited fields that can be added to that entry. Although they are not all visible without scrolling (which is why I wrote to them about making it so that the program window can be resized), they are there and are quite handy for those entries that require more than just the "user name/password/URL" standard entries.

As for MobileWitch Safe Pass, I would stay away from that one! It installs a "helper" DLL into Internet Explorer and it changes the home page and it installs a toolbar and it does all of this without asking!

I'm not sure if any of it is actually spyware/malware, since as I said before, I am well protected and so, it never got to install and I was alerted each step along the way and I stopped each attempt!

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