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Default WordTabs word processor+printing

I recently DLed and installed this Gizmo recommended word processor = WordTabs. I like many of its features. I know it is NO longer supported by the author.

I installed it on an XP machine with no problems.
I installed my printer with NO problems.
I can print from ALL other processors - Wordpad, Notepad,etc. = NO PROBLEMS.

When I try to print from WordTabs, I get a NO DEFAULT PRINTER IS SET .
Hence I can't print anything without cutting and pasting text into Wordpad or similar and printing from there.

There was a fairly LONG message about whatever upon installing
WordTAbs. Everything worked fine in the processor over several weeks so I just chose DO NOT SHOW THIS MESSAGE AGAIN and discovered I had a problem with printing. I know that is useless to say = not knowing what the message was. There are NO other options to choose for printing other than PRINT and then the error message.

I will install this app on another puter and keep a copy of the error message if no one can help now.

Any advice welcome.
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Try this if it helps:

Go to Start > Devices and Printers, then right-click a printer and select "Set as default printer".
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