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Lightbulb Opera passwords

Opera passwords.

I posted a comment on the previous forum about the recent version of Opera. For quite a while I used one of the Ver 9.3xs and it remembered any password, even the secure sites. I upgraded to 9.63 and secure (banks) sites wouldn't be remembered. I'm sure they did this for security reasons. I think they where worried about key loggers and such. I tried reinstalling the old Ver. again but the email file format was changed on the newer version and the old Ver. wouldn't read the the new email files. So, back to the newer version. I posted on this site for a workaround and didn't get a response and I posted on the Opera forum and didn't get much there either

The point of this is that after working with the newer version for a while I found a work around. There are a couple of ways Opera will do the passwords for secure sites. Non secure sites will still work with the wand function. For secure sites such as your bank, the password can be kept in the personal information in the preferences/wand page. Tools, preferences, wand, auto complete forms with your personal info. Or you can use the notes function and save all these passwords as tiny little notes. Click button two over the password space and select the password, or any info for that matter.

Works like a charm. Opera is still my number 1.

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Begging your pardon, I surely misunderstand, don't I?

You are not suggesting to safe highly sensitive information in a plain text file, are you?
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It seems that way!

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There has be some concern expressed to me as to keeping sensitive information on ones computer in text files because of the possibility of it being read by spyware. I'm not sure how serious a problem this is for any individual, but it would certainly be a concern one should consider before keeping password as text based note easily accessible on ones computer as I have done. You should be aware of this fact and then decide for yourself. This may be the very reason Opera stopped doing things the way they did in the older versions.

The problem I have tried to overcome was not just with secure sites such as banks but it was also a problem with some webmails such a Hotmail. There is a password addon in Firefox which does the same thing as the 'Wand' in Opera and it is not perfect either.

More feedback on this would be helpful - thanks. dz
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I never store my banking passwords anywhere except my head. For the few seconds it takes to enter plus you don't even need these everyday, safe is much better than bankrupt!
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