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Concerned User 03. Apr 2010 08:41 PM

Firefox 3.6.3-XML error for cnet login only
Hi there!,

I've been posting tips as "anonymous" in Gizmo's site. Finally decided to join the forums!:)

I've posted this in the Mozilla forums and I'll post my query here also:

I registered to post comments in the cnet site yesterday (

The log in and password info has been stored in Firefox's password manager.

Unfortunately, the auto fill feature does not seem to work with the password.

Let me also mention that this seems to happen only for this site alone.

I use the Secure log in add on to log on to pages and it displays the error given below in the following screen shot:

Furthermore when i click the "key" icon of the Secure log in add on, it displays my user name twice?. Screen shot:

I tried booting firefox into safe mode (disabling all addons) and the automatic form filling feature does not seem to work (only for the log on of the cnet site). Any assistance would be much appreciated!

System specs: Windows XP SP 3

Addons include:

No Referrer
CS lite
No Script

BTW: The auto fill option seems to work for this sitewhen I try it in IE 8 (oh the irony!).

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