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Default How to get rid of Facebook Photouploader

I used to use Facebook (no longer).

I had used Facebook.photouploader to upload family pics to my account to share with my family and friends. I have since moved over to Picasa.

Now I can not get rid of the Facebook uploader program. It is listed as a security risk on serveral forums, so I would like to nuke it.

It loaded itself in c:\windows\dowloaded program files\.

I used XP Disk Cleaner, and removed the Photouploader55 from the above location. After a restart, it is still there.

I deleted files Photouploader55 and Photouploader55.ocx from my extracted files location.

If I delete ActiveX.ocx will that mess up other stuff that I have loaded on my system?
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Well I have worked on this for the past several days and finally figured it out.

Facebook Photouploader did not over-write the original version installed when an upgrade was available, so I ended up with 2 versions of the same program installed on my system. Both were installed in c:\windows\downloaded program files\, but the filenames were different. Some programs are free, but they can also be a pain in the @#%^ to get rid of.

File 1 = PhotoUploader5.ocx
File 2 = ImageUploader5.ocx

Just as well I did not delete ActiveX.ocx (I was tempted).

Disk Cleaner did the job it was supposed to and I got the second file deleted when I found out the correct name. I also had to run CCleaner as there were some registry entries that came loose. After the registry clean I restarted the PC and there was no more instances of FacebookUploader anywhere to be found.
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Thanks for posting this which will no doubt be of interest to others too.
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