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yyyy 31. Jan 2019 11:15 PM

Hotkey Keyboard Shortcut Mapping on non-US keyboards
I use Notepad++ english version on a windows 7, with a belgian french keyboard. I would like to use the Ctrl+$ combination as in another soft I use to display all characters. On the US keyboard the combination (defined in the shortcut mapper) is Ctrl+] (NB. on the belgian keyboard AltGr+$ gives ']').
What combination should I use?
The same problem happens over and over again with various software. I there a generic solution?

yyyy 01. Feb 2019 12:32 PM

This is a solution I found
HI, This is the solution, I found :
Explaining it the practicle way...On windows 7 with a BE-FR KB, to use the cltr+$ key combination to show all characters in Np++ .
(step 0. --probably useless but might make things clearer -- On BE-FR KB, using KeyTweak, get the scan code (scancode = 27))
step 1. On BE-FR KB, using Nirsoft KeyboardStateView, identify the virtual key Scan code : <$> physical key's Virktual Key = VK_OEM_1
step 2. In US-EN KB, using Nirsoft KeyboardStateView, Identify the physical key who has the same virtual key (step 2.1 Adjust windows system to use a US-EN keyboard, step 2.2 Open on-screen keyboard (it should be qwerty),step 2.3 Try the different keys to identify the key which corresponds to the VK_OEM_1 on the US-EN KB (in this case , this is the semicolon<;> key ).
Step 3. in in the shortcut mapper of Np++, use the <;> instead of the <]>.

Sauf erreur, Here you have the full list of EN-US KB mappings

EnKbVK EnKbChar Scan code

VK_OEM_3 EnKbChar=` Scan code=1

VK_OEM_Minus EnKbChar=- Scan code=12

VK_OEM_PLus EnKbChar== Scan code=13

VK_OEM_4 EnKbChar=[ Scan code=26

VK_OEM_6 EnKbChar=] Scan code=27

VK_OEM_1 EnKbChar=; Scan code=39

VK_OEM_7 EnKbChar=' Scan code=40

VK_OEM_5 EnKbChar=\ Scan code=43

VK_OEM_Mkey EnKbChar=m Scan code=50

VK_OEM_comma EnKbChar=, Scan code=51

VK_OEM_period EnKbChar=. Scan code=52

VK_OEM_2 EnKbChar=/ Scan code=53

(VK_OEM_102 (lower row left) EnKbChar=????? Scan code=86)

I suppose these mappings substitution are not limited to Np++.
!!!!!!!! There is a DOUBLE substitution between different keyboard layouts, one is for the scan code sent by the physical keyboard, one at the software level !!!!!

Should I share that information ? What site would allow that?

yyyy 01. Feb 2019 06:27 PM

To complete the previous post keyboard layouts are available on the site

Remah 03. Feb 2019 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by yyyy (Post 124957)
To complete the previous post keyboard layouts are available on the site

Thanks. That's a very useful website about international keyboard layouts.

I've seen his excellent work before. Michael Kaplan, retired since 2015, was "a Developer in the Windows International group and the author of the popular 'Sorting It Out' blog that is dedicated it all things '-ization.' That means Globalization, Internationalization, and Localization."

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