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i_am_jim 20. May 2018 06:44 PM

Can't figure how to resize a partition
When I go to the move/resize screen it doesn't do anything (see image)

I haven't done this in years. It use to be that the free space has to be beside the partition you want to make larger.

If this screen would do anything it doesn't appear it would let me move the unallocated space. If this is still so I don't understand how I would make the partition larger.

PS: I have never run across a forum with such ridiculously small image requirements. After resampling and resizing 3 times I gave up.

Here's a link to the screen capture

satrow 20. May 2018 07:07 PM

Unallocated space isn't a partition, you'd need to move the right-most partition to the outside first, and then the partition between that outermost partition and the one you want to resize (at each step, you need to have clear adjacent space to move/expand into). Once the unallocated space appears to the immediate right of the partition you want larger, then you should be able to expand it.

i_am_jim 20. May 2018 07:14 PM

Thanks for your reply, but my problem is I can't figure out how to move a partition on that page. What am I missing?

i_am_jim 20. May 2018 07:24 PM

I figured it out. You might give more explicit instructions.

MidnightCowboy 20. May 2018 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by i_am_jim (Post 123652)
I figured it out. You might give more explicit instructions.

Or maybe try Google next time if you are unhappy with the support offered for free here.

Burn-IT 20. May 2018 10:37 PM

I thought the instructions were pretty explicit, especially since you actually gave the impression you knew what you were doing.

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