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Default IrfanView 444 Issue

Recently I am trying to experiment IrfanView program if it suits me.
Well, I tried to do some tests with some image files, to change size W x H, then to compress, results were so-so.
What is annoying, the original images DPI is 300, in the batch dialog (advanced) I entered in the 'set new DPI value' box 300 and let it go, the new images were reduced to 72 DPI.
Then made another test, left this box empty, again it changed the DPI to 72 (originals are 300), so quality of pictures reduced.
Another test was just to reduce file size (compress), nothing else, again the DPI was changed to 72 instead of the original 300.
Am I doing something wrong or program settings were wrong or bug in the program.
Answers will be appreciated
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I have never had any problems with it, but I don't use it as an editor.
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Does it work when you use the Resize/Resample dialog (Press Ctrl+R)?
Best regards, George
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Though I tend to keep a library of original images that I always grab the image from and re-apply any changes from there in one session. This gets to be a habit and is a very good idea when the format is a lossy one as subsequent saves will lose details. I also use it mostly as a browser/viewer. I have an old give way of the day version of Paint Shop Pro that I use for editing since most of my picture originate from my camera in RAW format and I do a lot of colour and other corrections.

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