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Default How to capture DoubleDriver's display?

I recently discovered GetWindowText here, and it was great for my immediate needs. Reading other threads, I discovered DoubleDriver, and that also looks good. However, while it will generate a text-file list of drivers that I have installed manually, the **really_nice** formatted presentation of EVERY driver in your system that it displays on the screen not only cannot be printed, saved, etc, it can't even be captured by GetWindowText.

I could capture it as an image, but I really want it as a text file. The image quality is naturally good, so it could probably be OCR'd successfully, but for working on several systems and documenting the effects of different drivers it would be a lot of stuffing around.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: While a solution to capturing text from a window such as in DD (i.e. one which resists selection/capture, etc) would be good for future reference, I have discovered (again through Gizmo), DriverView, which looks like it will do everything that I want. I really should have found this site a long time ago!

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Hmmm.... Well, nothing is perfect. DriverView certainly provides a lot if information, but I think that there should be the option of two additional columns - one that identifies the .inf file and another that shows the Hardware ID for each device. I have emailed the manufacturers ( nirsofer ) with these suggestions.

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